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Help Teamsters United 572!


The Teamster Election Supervisor has ordered a new Convention Delegate election in Southern California Local 572 after investigators found that employers illegally backed the slate led by Hoffa’s running mate Rick Middleton.

It’s up to all of us to help Local 572 members win their Delegate race and secure a choice against the Hoffa-Hall slate for every Teamster in the West.

The Teamsters United 572 candidates are working Teamsters running a grassroots campaign. Can you chip in to help them win?

Only current dues-paying Teamsters may donate to Teamsters United. Retirees and non-Teamsters can use this page to donate to the Teamsters United Legal & Accounting Fund. All contributions are final subject to review and approval under the Election Rules. 

Hoffa Corruption Exposed

Hoffa faces a major new corruption probe for racketeering and employer gifts and payoffs. Share this video and help elect new International Union leadership that will end Hoffa's corruption and contract sellouts.

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